Bugatti Art Deco Owl

Bugatti Art Deco Owl








• Achievement Awards 2013 for children in care, it was the children who chose to use the star. • Made from an old copper cylinder, color them in the fire. • I decided to make some of them bend to the right some to the left, some bigger some smaller I did not seal them, over the years they will change and so will the children.

IMG_7436.jpg STAR

The Eye of Horus an ancient Egyptian symbol,  commissioned by Double 11 a computer gaming company its their company logo, made in steel and back-lit from L.E.D., the eye is held in place using a magnet so it can move.

1 Eye Of Hourus



5 thoughts on “Gallery

  1. Hi would you please let me know if you’ve still got the starfish on a stone and how much it is . I’ve also seen a sunflower in a shop that shows your work , do you have any more !

  2. I ‘came across’ your exhibition in Kirkleatham Museum yesterday. Very impressive. I liked the 3 pieces representing ‘flight’

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